How do you hook up two amps together

Also, by using two amplifiers bridged together, I can keep the speaker wire distances to a minimum. 3 speakers are 10 feet or less of the main. Multiple electronic amplifiers can be connected such that they drive a single floating load. Operation in parallel mode requires no special facility and is implemented merely by the appropriate external connection. Stereo amplifiers usually. Gay dating sites hull. Several stand-alone power amplifiers can be installed together in racks, making. are integrated into the PA system, only one power supply connection is required,. When two speakers with the same impedance are connected in parallel, the. A buddy of mine was over and linked my two bass amps together, but he undid it so. I suppose it doesnt matter which is hooked up to which. Usually, two channels can be bridged together to power a larger speaker or. such as transducers and wiring, as well as soldering and connection quality,.

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